When someone experiences hair loss or balding, a hair transplantation is usually the best solution. A properly conducted hair transplantation creates a more youthful appearance, builds confidence and looks natural. In addition, the transplanted hair will continue to grow the rest of your life.

An increasing number of foreigners find their way to the Dutch hair transplantation clinic “Hairplus medical care”. We regularly conduct hair transplants for customers from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and other European countries. People choose Hairplus medical care for their quality, price and clinic guarantees.

Hairplus medical care is in featured on Dutch television and radio. This hair transplantation clinic represents:

Satisfaction guaranteed

wimpertransplantatie-feryWhen you choose to get a hair transplantation at Hairplus medical care, you can rest assured you will be satisfied with the end result. We guarantee it. You can expect a natural hairline and a life long growth of the transplanted hair. Follow our advice to ensure you achieve the best possible hair density.


Natural results

incisies-haartransplantatie-anil-mathoeraWe have guaranteed a natural result from 1979. We achieve this by giving honest and custom advice. A hairtransplantation isn’t about maximizing the number of grafts, but rather about determining the number of grafts which will create the most natural and optimized result for you. At the moment of writing, over 21.000 people have preceded you.


Professional and experienced

dsc1165You will be in great hands with our specialized medical team at Hairplus medical care. Our doctors and assistants have had years of experience transplanting hair. The team is attuned to each other and works efficiently and precisely. The medical team therefore guarantees the best aesthetic result of your hair transplantation.


Social and involved

plaatsen-van-de-grafts-fue-haartransplantatieWe want to provide you with the best service possible. Part of this includes supporting you in taking an informed decision, by providing you with extensive information, and sponsoring independent organizations and foundations which may be able to help you during the process. When you choose for a hair transplantation at Hairplus medical care, you will receive the best care and attention during the entire process.

All in all there are several reasons why people from abroad are interested in getting a hair transplantation at the Dutch clinic Hairplus medical care, including:

  • Hairplus medical care has a best price guarantee for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Hairplus medical care has had over 35 years of experience in the field, and has conducted over 21.000 FUE and FUT hair transplants.
  • Hairplus medical care provides a life long growth guarantee.
  • The competence level of Dutch doctors is higher than that of doctors in other European countries.
  • Hairplus medical care is easy to reach.
  • Hairplus medical care offers a free overnight stay after the hair transplantation.

Discount on hair transplantations / Hair transplantation rates

When you come from abroad we are able to offer a “flex discount”. We now also offer the opportunity to send your pictures to us, and receive online advice. After you’ve sent your pictures we can schedule a consultation online.

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The price list for FUE hair transplantation, FUT hair transplantation, Eyelash transplantation, Eyebrow transplantation, Mustache and Beard transplantation.

Hair transplantation treatments

When you suffer from bald spots, hair loss on the temples or thinning hair, a hair transplantation could offer the solution.

What is a hair transplantation?

During a hair transplantation the hair is moved from the donor area (on the back of the head) to the bald or sparsely haired area on the forehead, temples, top of the head or any other desired area. So you will not gain any strands of hair, but part of the hair from the donor area is redistributed and transplanted to the desired area.

What kind of result can I expect from a hair transplantation?

You can expect a natural looking hairline and dramatically improved hair situation. The transplanted grafts will keep producing hair for the rest of your life. Click here to view our clients before and after their hair transplantations.

Which types of hair transplantations does Hairplus medical care conduct?

In addition to transplanting scalp hair, Hairplus medical care also conducts various other types of hair transplantations. We can offer you:

What type of hair transplantation methods are there?
Currently there are two widely accepted hair transplantation methods available: the FUT method (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction).

FUE hair transplantation
During the FUE method the hair follicles (grafts) are harvested one by one from the donor area (usually on the back and sides of the head). These grafts are then placed back one by one onto the bald or sparsely haired area. This method is nearly painless, doesn’t leave any visible scars and has a quick recovery time. As a specialized clinic we are able to transplant up to 3.000 grafts (about 6.600 strands of hair) a day. 

Is a hair transplantation the right solution for me?
To determine if a hair transplantation is the right solution for you, you need to consider a couple of things. Some of those are the cause of your hair loss, the quality of your donor area and the desired hair density. During a free consultation our expert can determine if a hair transplantation would achieve the desired results for you.

Why should I choose to get my hair transplantation at Hairplus medical care?

Hairplus medical care has been gaining experience as a specialized hair transplantation clinic since back in 1979. You will go for Hairplus medical care if you value quality, experience and involvement. And not to forget, if you are looking for guarantees, a competitive price and excellent service.

When you choose for a hair transplantation at Hairplus medical care, you will:

  • receive honest, personalized advice;
  • receive all the time you need to make your decision without feeling pressured;
  • know exactly what you will be agreeing to;
  • know exactly what will happen on the treatment day;
  • be treated by experienced specialists;
  • be guaranteed of a natural end result;
  • be ensured of a life long growth guarantee, after care and service;
  • be guaranteed of the lowest price in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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